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ZAHR Archery

About Us

ZAHR Archery is New Mexico’s first and only Archery Dodgeball arena! It is just like dodgeball but with an archery twist. Using bows and foam-tipped arrows, you will be up against friends and family in our nine game mode. ZAHR Archery is perfect for group activities, team building events, and birthday parties. It is especially for people seeking an adventure or a unique experience! The game conjures up the nostalgia of childhood sports, but with a wildly satisfying twist. Just like middle school, two teams engage in a battle of elimination from opposite sides of an arena. Unlike middle school, you’ll take the challenge to the next level using bows and foam-tipped arrows! It’s like the dodgeball you remember, but more unique. That said, Archery Dodgeball is great for kids as well as adults! Ages 11 and up will have a blast with the mix of strategy and sport this game has to offer. It’s a workout, so dress for the gym, but be prepared to have way more fun. Player safety is our number 1 priority, with arrows specially engineered for harmlessness and protective masks worn at all times to shield the eyes. These simple steps ensure your experience is safe, thrilling, and downright memorable from beginning to end.

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